- This is the most popular application in the iOS environment. Unfortunately I do not have an Apple terminal to make a videotutorial so the indications will be, for now, written.

- You can find the application on the internet and install it on your terminal using iTunes. But to perform this process you need to have the phone with jailbreak. If you do not have it, I do not recommend you under any circumstances to do so. You can leave the phone unusable if it is not done properly, and the warranty is automatically lost.

- The best option is to download it from the apple store. The price on April 16, 2017 is € 9.99.

- Once the program is installed, follow these steps:

  • We need to connect the iOs terminal to the WIFI network created by the OBD2 device. You can follow these INSTRUCTIONS to make this connection correctly.
  • Once this has been done you have to enter the DashCommand application and click on connect. In principle you should already connect, if not, you have to look at the options and put the IP connection: 3500 (3500 is the port number, which can also be 35000)

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