DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Codes

What are DTC codes?

- The SAE J2012 standard defines a 5-digit code in which each digit represents a predetermined value. All codes are presented in the same way for ease of use. Some of these are defined by this standard, and others are reserved for manufacturers.

- The code has the following format: YXXXX (ex. P0308)

- Where Y, the first digit, represents the function of the vehicle:

Y digit Function
PMotor Electronics & Transmission (Powertrain)

- The second digit indicates the organization responsible for defining the code:

2th digit Organization responsible
0SAE (code common to all brands)
1The manufacturer of the vehicle (different code for different brands)

- The third digit represents a specific function of the vehicle:

3th dígit Function
0The complete electronic system
1 y 2Air and fuel control
3Ignition system
4Auxiliary emission control
5Speed and idle speed control
6ECU and inputs and outputs

- The fourth and fifth digits are specifically related to the fault.

- For example, code P0308 indicates a problem in the engine electronics (P), defined by SAE (0) and common to any vehicle, related to the ignition system (3) and failure in cylinder # 8 (08 ).


- There may be fault codes stored on the ECU that do not activate the MIL.

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