P0003 Trouble code

What the P0003 code means?

- P0003 : "Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit - Low".

- The P0003 code is associated with the electrical circuit which connects to your fuel pressure regulator. Is the OBD-II generic code describing an issue with the circuit which runs from your engine computer (ECM) to your fuel pressure regulator on your fuel injection rail on your engine.

- The ECM regulates your fuel pressure from your fuel pump going to your engine through this circuit. When the computer detects a fault in the circuit, it will set a Check Engine Light (MIL). The code will affect fuel economy and possibly damage the engine.

- This code relates to the the electrical system as part of the fuel volume regulator system. Automotive fuel systems consist of many components, the fuel tank, fuel pump, filter, lines, injectors, etc. One component in high pressure fuel systems is a high pressure fuel pump. It's job is to increase the fuel pressure for the very high pressure needed at the fuel rail for the injectors. These high pressure fuel pumps have a low pressure side and high pressure side, and a fuel volume regulator which controls the pressure. For this P0003 code, it refers to an electrical reading that is lower than expected (below normal range).

- It also may be related to other codes, such as: P0001, P0002, or P0004.

- For more information and possible solutions of this trouble follow this LINK.

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