P0005 Trouble code

What the P0005 code means?

- P0005: "Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit - Open"

- Is a generic type of of diagnostic trouble code which indicates that the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects a problem with the fuel pump shut off solenoid. This code is rarely seen as it does not pertain to any particular make or model of vehicle.

- The fuel pump shut off solenoid is an electromagnetic switch that allows or blocks the passage of fuel from the fuel pump to the engine, according to the position of the ignition switch. When the ignition switch is turned with the ignition key, a signal is sent to the fuel pump shut off solenoid, which protrudes or retracts a shaft that starts or stops the flow of fuel to the engine accordingly. The shaft pops out within the fuel passage to block the flow of fuel if the ignition is off, or the switch is defective.

- The generic code obd2 P0005 is rarely used by vehicle manufacturers, so if this code appears, make sure that the correct diagnostic machine is being used for the make and model of car in question.

- It also may be related to other codes, such as: P0006 and P0007.

What causes it?

- The main cause of this failure is that there is a defective circuit in the electrical system corresponding to the control of the fuel shut-off valve, so it must be checked and repaired if necessary.

- Other possible causes may be:

  • A faulty fuel pump shut off solenoid, so it would have to be replaced if that were the case.
  • Clogged fuel lines, so it should be repaired or replaced.
  • A faulty ECM.
  • A faulty ignition switch.
  • Open or shorted circuit between the ignition switch, ECM, or fuel pump shut off solenoid.
  • The fuel pressure is not adequate, check the fuel pump, regulator, the fuel filter, even the fuel supply piping.
  • The control unit needs an update or is damaged and needs to be replaced.

¿Cuáles son los síntomas?

  • No start condition.
  • Engine stall.
  • Check Engine Light illumination
  • Power loss
  • Increased engine consumption

How diagnose this code?

- If your diagnostic machine detects this fault, it is advisable to contrast this reading using another reader because this code is very rare and unusual.

- It is also advisable to clear the fault and see if it appears again. This code is not common and maeby it is a code reader design error.

- If you still can not find out the source of the problem, consult a factory service manual to find out the steps you need to take to solve more specific problems.

- Tests the ignition switch and fuel pump shut off solenoid with a multimeter to ensure they have the proper ground, voltage reference, and resistance levels.

- Compares the results of these tests to the specifications of the manufacturer.

- Inspects the wires and terminals of the Engine Control Module for corrosion and fraying.

- Checks the fuel pump pressure.

What repairs can fix it?

  • Replacing a faulty Engine Control Module.
  • Replacing of a faulty fuel pump shut off solenoid.
  • Replacing a fuel pump.
  • Repairing an open or short within the circuitry of the ECM, Fuel Pump shut off Solenoid or ignition switch.

Common mistakes

- Many mechanics believe that the issue with a fuel pump shut off solenoid trouble code is always within the fuel pump, so they replace the entire fuel pump. Oftentimes, the actual issue with this code is external and you can get away with just replacing the solenoid itself.

Additional information

- Any electrical related code may persist all of the time or may occur intermittently. Some fault codes will require additional time to diagnose. With this code, the solution may be simple to replace or require extensive time to diagnose and repair. Depending on your vehicle, it may take several hours to determine the root cause and repair of the faulty component.

- The P0006 code involves many systems and requires extensive diagnosis. After using a scan tool and monitoring the voltage readings, a qualified technician can determine if the fuel shutoff valve, wiring, or other component is at fault. With the scan tool connected, you should evaluate the data while checking the voltage meter to ensure all the values match, meet specifications, and perform a visual inspection. From there, pinpointing where to start further diagnosis can begin.

- The fuel shutoff valve may be the cause, wiring might be burning/rubbing on another engine component, rodents may have chewed through wiring anywhere in the vehicle, connectors may have shorts or damage, or you may have a bad ECM.

- Vehicles with higher mileage may just need a fuel shutoff valve replacement. However, replacing parts based upon a code is not recommended and has caused problems or not resolved the issue after spending a large amount of money.

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