OBD2 Tricks and advices

- In this section I will point out the problems that have arisen related to the use of these devices and their possible solutions.

- This isn't a 100% reliable guide and I are not an authority in this field. So any error you see, doubt or idea that you can bring will be very welcome. As always, I invite you to contact me by a comment at the bottom of the page or by sending me an email.

- I hope this information helps someone. Later, as the information increases, I will separate it into categories to make it easier to find a topic.

- We begin by stating a problem and its possible solution. To see the solution, you only have to click the statement.

- My OBD2 device does not connect to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

- The ELM327 USB driver has some incompatibility problem with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.

- This section is under construction and I will add many more things as they arise.

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